Leading technology

The full-automatic electric waterproof rolling material impermeability meter is used to detect the impermeability of petroleum asphalt felt and elastic asphalt waterproof rolling material as well as various kinds of polymer waterproof rolling material. It can meet the test requirements specified in GB/T328.10-2007 and is suitable for GB18242-2000.

Requirements of GB18243-2000 standard. The newly developed pneumatic compression device has been awarded a national patent (Patent No. :201822200976.X), automatic pressing, no need to screw hard. The electric pump was used to pressurize the water, avoiding the influence of air in the permeable tray on the experimental results. It has the functions of automatic pressing, automatic pressurizing, automatic keeping pressure, digital display and timing, etc. It is fully automatic and can be used by relevant testing centers, scientific research, construction, production and teaching units. The water permeability of other materials can also be determined under the condition that the test pressure is not greater than 0.6mpa.